About us

Arta Latiša // CEO & Managing Director

Hopeless perfectionist and dog lover by nature. A woman who's seeking to make difference and change society's perspectives. My mission is to make every pet's meal luxurious and filled with infinite pleasure. Anybelly is a reflection of me, my beliefs, standards, and principles. I believe that our loved ones- pets deserve the same quality and elegance we afford to ourselves.

The Story Of Anybelly

At the age of eighteen, I started my career from the beginning. From professional tennis player, who's dedicated playing at the Wimbledon one day to zero is only one step and I reached it. However, I didn't let my head down and found my path- entrepreneurship. At first, I realised my vision of sustainable and aesthetic dog feeding tables for my own dogs. After a while, I realized that I desire to share my unconditional love towards pets and created Anybelly. A year after I was awarded as " The New Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2020".

"Behind every strong & sucessful women is her dog, following her on every step"

Anybelly & Amoralle